The IRC users socially suggested that my breakfast is to be eggs in a basket, I put cheese and cold salad on it afterwards, and it was nice.

This one is about fapping:

802.11n approved !

Because it is caturday:

You’ve earned 250MB! You can now store up to 5.25GB of stuff in your Dropbox. !!! Yay, I went over my 5gb limit, thanks dropbox :p

Internet statistics, by google, (focus on the uk) - enjoy :)

Closing tweetdeck for a while, keeping skype open, msg you guys there.

Reported that the bell downstairs isn’t working. Waiting for a call to make appointment that it has been repaired, please today or tomorrow?

Oh, @zx6renvy Waiting for lovely @Ohyn to get online to bring it on. I am ready to go.

lol @Onimua - no .. they have a master key to the building :-) They then ring the bell until I open, confirming it works.

RT @smashingmag: 10 Vital Lessons for Web Start-Ups -

Laundry is still spinning, first run of dishes are in. SashaPurr got her food, and is on balcony now licking her paws. Im writing todo list

RT @Onimua: @KingKovifor What happened? O_o

Hey @undefined Thanks for the news! and for @littlereidy and @glennym : Congratulations with the wedding! <3

hey @twitter when can i pay for a premium account so i get access to ALL my tweets, AND, have ability to merge accounts?